Joan Miró

*1893 in Barcelona – 1983 in Palma, Spain

Hand-signed prints by Joan Miró

Born in Barcelona on April 20, 1893, the painter, graphic artist and sculptor Joan Miró is considered one of the main representatives of surrealism and a pioneer of abstract expressionism. His work is groundbreaking in every respect.

The unique pictorial world of Joan Miró

In addition to his wonderful paintings, sculptures and ceramics, Miró left posterity an incomparably rich oeuvre of original graphic works that have lost none of their refreshing originality to this day. The celestial bodies, sun, moon and stars in their most diverse manifestations characterize Miró’s work. In addition, he imaginatively tried to visualize music and sounds and combined biomorphic forms and whimsical dream creatures with Asian calligraphy.

Rare original prints by Joan Miró with potential to increase in value

For years, Miró’s prints have been regarded as the most beautiful form of “shares” – with an almost guaranteed increase in value. Demand for relevant works of classical modernism is increasing worldwide, and new collector markets such as Russia and China are ensuring that hand-signed prints by the Catalan master are constantly reaching new record prices.

Selected prints by Joan Miró in Düsseldorf

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