Simon Liebrand

*1997 in Muenster, Germany

Simon Liebrand’s work is all about people and their relationships with the environment. He cleverly plays with surprising combinations of archaic, naive forms and modern materials. His figures, equipped with extra-long arms, look like Stone Age people – and yet they are made of cement, the building material of modernity. The seated figures are roughly carved from wood, as in early cultures and among indigenous peoples. But the head sits, gently swaying up and down, on a steel spring, like a caricature of itself…


2021-2024 annual exhibitions Kunstakademie Münster

2024 Multimulti, ASS 15 in Münster

2023 Schautime, Münster

2022„übersetzen“, exhibition in the public space of the city of Eisenach


since 2019 Muenster Art Academy – University of Fine Arts