Stephi Friedrich

1986 in Rheine, Germany

Playing with perception, concealment and discovery

In her works, Stephi Friedrich combines transparency with lines and three-dimensional structures, surfaces and colors; highlighting, concealing, connecting, revealing what is behind and between things, playing with perception are the fundamental elements of her works.

The results are multi-layered works of great transcendence and sensuality that allow the viewer deep insights. The optical superimposition of the layers creates an optical-kinetic movement with an almost deeply sculptural experience.

With works, Stephi Friedrich follows in the footsteps of a modern tradition in which textile materials are specifically incorporated into contemporary art, from Robert Descharnes to Agnes Martin, Joseph Beuys, Louise Bourgeois, Gotthard Graubner, Rosemarie Trockel or even Mona Hatoum and Ghada Amer.


Stephi Friedrich (born 1986 in Rheine/NRW) works with textile finds as an interface between her personality and her environment: found, family-owned bed linen from old, dusty boxes, fabrics donated by friends, leftover fabrics, lace curtains from second-hand shops and even valuable silk from Marrakesh. Fabrics of all origins, fabrics from all over the world. Textile fabrics are a kind of world language, people’s second skin, a global sensory experience of humanity. Fabrics shape the human condition and the culture of mankind.

During her studies at the Düsseldorf Art Academy (master classes Brandl and Kürten), Stephi Friedrich discovered the translucent, transparent effect of fabrics by chance. Their veiling, concealing function and simultaneous transparency inspired Stephi Friedrich to experiment more and more intensively with textile fabrics.

Due to the almost infinite variety of weaves and structures, Stephi Friedrich works with hundreds of fabrics at the same time in her small studio; her studio itself usually looks like a spontaneous, complex installation. The young artist prefers transparent gauze and veil-like fabrics, which she treats virtuously with different materials and techniques such as spray paint, oil, acrylic, ink, natural pigments, ground barberry, tape, mounting them layer by layer on canvas and stretcher frames.